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  • Network with Local and Out-State-Investors in Person
  • Learn from TOP Industry Insiders & Magazine Contributors
  • Discover How to Build Wealth with Real Estate Now
  • Find Out How to Diversify with Multiple Streams of Income
  • Open Up the Door to NEW Opportunities and Possibilities
  • SAVE Hundreds of Dollars by Learning Here — Investing Over 25 Years!
  • We Have Owned Properties Multifamily Properties in Texas Since 2005
  • Our Mission is to Educate, Motivate, and Provide Beneficial Resources
  • Realty411 is the Original Realty Magazine — Established in CA in 2007
  • We Are the Magazine Followed By Everyone in the Industry!
  • Our Company Has Been an REI Referral Source for Over a Decade
  • REI WEALTH, Our Digital Magazine, is the Longest-Running Monthly

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Realty411 is bringing H-Town an incredible day of Networking, Education, and Motivation! Our special ONE DAY COMPLIMENTARY EXPO is bringing together incredible Texas leaders, such as WILDCAT LENDING, TEXAS PRIDE LENDING, LONGHORN INVESTMENTS, EMPIRE INDUSTRIES and MANY OTHERS!


We also have DIRECT ACCESS to the area’s BEST REI clubs and most ACTIVE LOCAL INVESTORS, Private Money Lenders, Wholesalers, and Other Top-Notch Deal Makers. If you’re ready to take your portfolio AND LIFE to a NEW LEVEL, then reserve your ticket now!

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Meet Our Expo Emcee, Arnie Abramson

Learn the Difference Between Tax Liens vs Tax Deeds

Hype vs Reality with renowned investor Arnie Abramson!

The “resource group” is comprised of individual investors that have been investing in income producing real estate in Texas for many years. We have years of experience in all phases of real estate including tax sales since the early 1990’s.

Be sure you get your information about Texas tax sales straight from ‘the horse’s mouth” and not from out-of-state gurus who do not know about Texas sales first hand!

Arnie Abramson, founder of Texas Tax Sales Resource GroupThe “resource group” is comprised of individual investors that have been investing in income producing real estate in Texas for many years. We have years of experience in all phases of real estate including tax sales since the early 1990’s.

Be sure you get your information about Texas tax sales straight from ‘the horse’s mouth” and not from out-of-state gurus who do not know about Texas sales first hand!

Arnie began buying tax sale properties in 1992. For many years afterwards he was a buyer, seller, landlord, and teacher/speaker on all phases of real estate investing primarily in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas.

Arnie Abramson is this year’s event host!


Landon Rothstein is a full-time real estate investor in Houston, TX. His current real estate holdings include both residential and commercial properties totaling over $9 million and providing over $45,000 in cashflow each month. Landon’s ability to find and use private lenders has helped him grow his buy and hold portfolio dramatically.

Landon started investing 10 years ago while working a full-time job. He had amassed 57 properties before going full time in June of 2016. In that same year, he bought (and held onto) 45 houses. While he and Ray have been running a very successful and exciting wholesale class and completing many flips, his passion is ‘buy and hold’ properties – rentals and owner financed notes for passive income – true mailbox money.

Landon is a master marketer and runs the largest Facebook group for real estate investors in Texas and has a huge database of over 150,000 local buyers, including wholesalers, flippers, rehabbers and landlords, making it easy for him to wholesale properties quickly. Landon and Ray also run a very active Meetup group for local real estate investors.

His real secret has been how he deploys technology. Both Landon and his entire team use multiple websites and software programs to scale and automate the business. As the business has grown, so has the full-time staff as well as his team of 18 virtual assistants.

Landon is a creative deal maker employing techniques like subject to, lease options, wraps, wholetailing, bartering, and even in creating “work in lieu” deals as a down payments with contractors. The broad range and scope of the experience Landon and his team bring to the table has allowed them to do deals that other investors don’t know how to do and walk away from. In other creative strategies, he has gotten paid at closing when buying property; he’s even got paid $7500 NOT to buy a house! Landon is also making over $5000 per month part time doing AirBnB with just two properties!

Long term? Landon’s goal is to continue to grow his company’s passive income stream, play more tennis, get more involved with charities, helping others (people and animals!), travel and then retire in the Caribbean with his wife, Chely.


Meet’s LOCAL Auction Supervisor – Get the Inside Scoop on How Investors Can Profit More and Search Less! Learn from Cary Cornblum with

Cary Corenblum is an Auction Supervisor for with over 5 years of experience in the Trustee Foreclosure and REO online real estate industry.  He also has 15 plus years of customer service management and training. 



Based in Houston, TX, he oversees the State of Texas and the thousands of properties and hundreds of millions in live auction foreclosure sales each year. 

Combining his auction and customer engagement experience allows him to provide investors with a high level of knowledge and service. 


Kevin M. Shipman is the Chief Lending Officer at Wildcat Lending with over 12 years of lending experience. After graduating from Midwestern State University he started his career with Wells Fargo Financial in the DFW area. He spent 4+ years there and was a top performing Lender and Branch manager.

After leaving Wells Fargo he joined Herring Bank and helped open a De Novo branch for them in Grand Prairie and spent 4 years there as a lender.

Before joining Wildcat Lending he was in a Senior Lender role at First Financial Bank in Fort Worth and specialized in single family residential lending with a major focus on bridge, interim, home improvement and purchase loans.

Kevin was excited to join Wildcat Lending where his main focus is on his customers without all the red tape that comes with traditional bank lending.

Kevin is originally from Seymour, TX and now resides in Burleson, TX with his wife and 2 children. In his spare time he enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his friends and family.

How to Avoid LAWSUITS & PROTECT YOUR ASSETS in Case You Do End Up in Court!

Harvard-Educated Lawyer Helps Guests Stay Safe

Gene DuBose graduated in the top six percent of his class at Harvard Law School where he was an officer of the legendary Harvard Law Review.

After graduation he clerked for a federal district court judge in New York City and practiced public interest law. He reluctantly confesses that during his misspent youth he was a law professor at Northwestern University’s School of Law in Chicago in Chicago, but assures us that it will never happen again.
Most importantly for you today, he has been trying business lawsuits, most of them involving real estate, for almost five decades and has been practicing on his own in Dallas for the last 36 years, 1 month and 26 days… but who’s counting.
His talk, entitled: “CASE CLOSED: Why You NEVER Want to File A Lawsuit UNLESS You Are Ready to Lose,” is comprised of a carefully selected few of his war stories from the barrister’s battlefield.
He is the most unique of creatures: a trail lawyer who wants to keep you out of court and if by some tragic twist of fate you end up there, get you out as Quickly and as cheaply as possible.
Unsurprisingly, he has made a specialty of advising clients on how to conduct their businesses in ways to avoid litigation and on how to structure their businesses to protect their assets from predators.
He is surprisingly frank about his overpriced profession: “In any lawsuit,” he says, “the only sure winners are the lawyers.”

Everyone involved in real estate needs to kow how important it is to avoid the courtroom. After hearing Mr. DuBose’s tales from the front, you will surely want to make sure that you have done EVERYTHING possible to AVOID lawsuits and have structured your business to protect your assets, if you do end up in court!


$25K to over $1M in 18 months –  Come Join Bruce for the Journey of a Lifetime

If you ever were interested in growing a small account into a 7-figure account in less than 18 months, come join us for a special guest appearance by Bruce Dinger.  Many call him the greatest trader of our time.

Bruce is an all around ALL Star investor.  He runs 2 Real Estate Investment Firms, specializing in residential redevelopment and foreclosed properties, investing in early stage start-up companies, and his favorite, the stock and options market.
Bruce realizes that many people struggle to make ends meet, and it is his goal to help as many people as possible become financially literate.  He has taught through various platforms such as financial conferences, workshops, radio, and even his own TV show on one of the largest Chinese networks.
Bruce recently funded an account with a mere $25K and has the goal of taking it to over $1M within the next 18 months.  At this event, he will outline the methodologies and strategies he will utilize to achieve this goal.
If you have ever wanted to see a Master Trader at work, mark your calendar for January 26th, 2019.  Bruce will be our guest presenter and outline the formula he will deploy to go from $25K to over $1M within the next 18 months.


Realty411, the producer of the, reaches investors around the world. Be sure to view our TV commercial, which is being translated into numerous languages!

Learn with PROVEN Leaders in the Industry,
Both Local and Out-of-State Professionals!

Since 2007, Realty411’s mission has been to provide the information and strategies that investors need.

The Realty411 Advantages:

  • Learn the latest technology to help grow your business
  • Meet other investors with common goals and processes
  • Develop relationships with leaders in the industry
  • Share new opportunities with potential clients
  • Learn how to help and mentor new investors

Learn from a Local Leader:

Steve Rozenberg from Empire Industries


Steve Rozenberg is an entrepreneur, international commercial airline pilot flying the famous Dreamliner 787, real estate investor, CEO, business strategist, international speaker and a leading expert in real estate investing.

His company Empire Industries is considered one of the top residential property management companies in the United States, providing frustration free property management by investors for investors.


Steve is a full time commercial airline pilot flying the Dreamliner 787 and the CEO and co-founder of Empire Industries Property Management and Realty Services based in Houston, TX.

Empire was started in 2012 with a mission to approach property management from an investor standpoint. Built on the principals of investing, Empire Industries stresses the importance of having the properties cash flow, while viewing themselves as teammates of their clients working towards a common goal – having their investment produce income.

Steve’s been a key note speaker for numerous organizations and companies across the United States and international cities including Sydney, Brisbane and London, sharing his expertise and methodology in systemization and the importance of having a check list mindset.

He has written and published 7 e-books, co-hosts two weekly radio shows “Real Estate Wealth Building” on 1070 AM The Answer and “Wealth Through Real Estate” on Vinyl Draught Radio in Houston.

He’s a frequent guest in Dallas on 620 AM KEXB The Experts in Business with Brian Glenn and has been featured across the country and in Australia on multiple real estate investor programs including Flip Nerd, “Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever” with Joe Fairless and is a frequent speaker for the Lone Star Real Estate Expo in Houston and several motivational and real estate conferences throughout Australia.

Steve Rozenberg University was established in 2013 with its mission to increase investor education and wealth building to others around the world. It has produced over 100 video seminars for its “Owner Education Series” and “Steve Rozenberg On the Road”. Steve is a member of NAPM Houston and Ft. Worth, TX and is a licensed real estate agent.  Steve lives in Houston with his wife and son.


1. How 9/11 Changed My Life

2. Re-Inventing Your Why!

3. Creating Your Financial Destination

4. Understand the Five Strategies of Real Estate

5. Avoiding the Common Pitfalls

PREVIEW: Watch Our Video from a Past Lone Star Expo!

Learn with PROVEN Leaders in the Industry,
Both Local and Out-of-State Professionals!

Since 2007, Realty411’s mission has been to provide the information and strategies that investors need.

The Realty411 Advantages:

  • Learn the latest technology to help grow your business
  • Meet other investors with common goals and processes
  • Develop relationships with leaders in the industry
  • Share new opportunities with potential clients
  • Learn how to help and mentor new investors



Discover Secrets from Master Investor and Founder of, based in Fort Worth, Texas

  • Jimmy’s Texas-based real estate investor’s club,, is one of the most respected groups in the nation and offers a LIVE Facebook stream monthly.
  • Jimmy Reed has been in the REI industry for 30 years, longer than any other club leader in the DFW market — he has seen it all…
  • Jimmy and his wife, Rachell, have owned properties throughout Texas and even internationally — in fact, the Reeds once owned their own Private Island!
  • Our sincere mission is for everyone to enjoy the financial freedom that comes with prudent real estate plays.
  • The Reeds are Proud Texans and currently reside near Fort Worth.

Jimmy Reed has been investing in real estate since the late 80’s. He started out Wholesaling to local Investors in Fort Worth, TX. After a short time he created a database of local investors that he supplied Wholesale real estate investment properties to.

Along the way he started supplying out of state investors who had heard about these incredible real estate investment deals with inventory of their own.

He began finding Wholesale Real Estate Deals for these out of state Investors who had a desire to hold properties long term and yet still have a positive Cash Flow, not your average Dallas/Fort Worth investor’s goals especially at that time when most investors specialized in Buy, Fix, and Sell strategies. Well, he soon became so busy that by 1991 Jimmy started teaching other local investors how to do what he was doing.

He started a Wholesale Real Estate / Real Estate Mentor training class so they in return could help supply him with more inventories for his clients. Through the years he added specialty fields such as Probate Real Estate, Online Real Estate Training’s Costa Rica & Panama Training and Real Estate Investing courses.

In 1997 he was asked to start teaching for a National Real Estate Training company, which was teaching new and seasoned investors the In’s and Out’s of Real Estate Investing. He helped create a Wholesale Real Estate Training and Real Estate Mentor Program for them. This company fulfilled training’s for Guru’s such as Whitney, Kiyosaki, Trump, and others.

Forward to today and Jimmy’s company currently is still teaching, buying, selling, and holding real estate. He has Authored books such as “No Fear Real Estate” along with “Financial Achievement Inspired Through Him” Know as the FAITH book for Finances. Latest works are “Sowing Seed to Succeed” He was also one of the co founders of two DFW Real Estate Clubs, “REIO” which was designed to help new and seasoned investors to be able to Network and do more deals in an open form environment.

As of 2014 he took that concept and went further and started the NEW real estate club for those who are serious about succeeding in real estate. This DFW Real Estate Club has some of the finest local real estate investors in the area attending each month.

New and Seasoned Investors are welcome. It is the 1 DFW Real Estate Club to get all you need from Networking, Deals, Real Estate Training’s, and more! Along with all of the above Jimmy and his wife, along with their two children have been involved in many areas of their church such as Financial Trainers and even Youth leaders.

These opportunities have truly changed their lives and have moved Jimmy to where he is now with his latest goal “Debt Free & Stewardship training”. This training is designed more on the basis of generating extra income to reduce debt using real estate or any business to accomplish it.


Reed Blake is the founder of BUSINESS CAPITAL EXPERTS, the fastest growing small business funding company in its area of expertise.

A former Vice President of a firm, who raised over $1 Billion in funding for its clients in 7 years, as well as an accomplished speaker, who has spoken to tens of thousands of people on business funding.

BCE specializes in Unsecured Business Lines of Credit and Unsecured Cash Loans (YES – we can do this for Real Estate Investors!). The BCE team has between 6 and 25 years of experience and the relationships needed to get our clients operating capital, traditional investment funding and to take our client’s companies public.

We can also fund your growth, portfolios and notes…real estate transactions from $25K to $22 Million – this includes residential, industrial and commercial transactions.


Priceless Tips with C. David Jones, Owner of Jones Kimball Law Firm

C. David Jones is the owner of Jones Kimball Law Firm, a real estate law firm and Fidelity National Title fee office in Arlington, Texas.

A third-generation “dirt lawyer”, David graduated from Emory University School of Law and was licensed in Tennessee in 1994.

He entered the Texas title insurance industry in 2004, where he spent ten years working closely with title agency underwriters on right-of-way projects for TXDOT and for the counties and cities in the DFW area, and on segments of the Grand Parkway project around Houston.

Opening Jones Kimball Law Firm in 2014, David’s investor-friendly real estate practice involves representing parties in insured and private transactions, curing title matters, preparing documentation for buyers, sellers, and lenders, and landlord-tenant issues and foreclosures.

David also advises and creates business entities, asset protection strategies, and estate planning documentation.  In 2018, David began offering Mediation services to the real estate industry as a certified court-appointed mediator, in order to bring alternatives to investors and other aggrieved parties to real estate disputes, thus putting into practice one of his many observations from his years of experience:  “If you have to hire an attorney for litigation in real estate, you have already lost.”

Get to Know - Who Are We?

Realty411, the original realty investor magazine, publishes online and print issues, e-newsletters and produces expos around the United States. Their mission is to educate and empower people to invest in real estate. Their publications also reach real estate professionals with news and information designed to increase their business.

Get to Know Realty411‘s VIP Readers…


Be sure to DOWNLOAD our latest readership profile. Realty411 began in 2007 and to date has had readers in 48 states.

Our Realty411 Radio podcast is heard around the world, plus our numerous websites have attracted readers from 60 countries.

Additionally, in our insightful Realty411 2018 Readership Report, all the details of our latest survey are revealed.

Nearly 2,000 investors in our VIP group were surveyed allowing our team to get a glimpse of you our “average Realty411 reader” truly is.

Be sure to DOWNLOAD the insightful report today!


Learn How The LATEST-REI Technology Can Help Investors!

Meet Houston’s Becky Kromminga with Real Estate IQ 

Becky Kromminga is an executive with Real Estate IQ, a fast-growing real estate data and analytics company. She is in charge of customer service,  and marketing, and helps with business development and sales in the Houston area.

A former math teacher and educational researcher, Becky enjoys applying her skills from these areas to real estate investing, and teaching people how to make the most of the REIQ system.   

Becky lives with her husband Kevin, has two grown sons and enjoys gardening, trying new recipes, and walking her dog, Hunter.


Finding the Good Deals – Fast – and First — REAL ESTATE IQ


Let’s face it, finding discounted houses and rental properties is our biggest challenge right? Without finding a “Deal” nothing else matters and we have no real estate investing business. MLS Deal Finder Interactive tools can help you with delivering “Deals” right to your inbox within minutes of being listed, before anyone else knows about them. See below what you will learn and RSVP here Today!

>> Yes, the MLS is the biggest market to find properties at a discount

>> Learn how to be first to place an offer

>> Learn the best way to work with Licensed agents

>> CMA training

>> Investors must be CMA experts

>> Understand what is a good CMA

>> Why all CMAs are different

>> Learn about Automated Valuations

>> What is an AVM: How computer systems make you dumber

>> The difference between Zillow, Trulia and MLS



The #1 Vacant/Distressed/Abandoned Property Specialist In North America

Reggie is also an international speaker, author and educator, dedicated to inspiring others to achieve personal success through real estate investment. Having risen above a life of poverty, he has achieved what many people consider to be impossible. He went from making $36,000 per year at the local telephone company, to making over $40,000 per month in his real estate business.

Starting out with very little money, Reggie began his investment career in 1986. After taking a few real estate investment courses, he began investing in rental properties in Los Angeles. He quickly replaced his telephone company income of $3,000 per month with over $4,200 per month from a few well-placed investments, becoming financially independent within his first year of investing.

Today, Reggie delivers his personal philosophies for success at major business venues and expositions throughout the United States. Reggie has also exploded as thee expert on “Vacant Property Specialist” in the United States.

Reggie attributes his success to faith and family, and to the invaluable mentors he has met along the way. Of all his many accomplishments, Reggie is most proud of his enthusiastic students, especially his children Keith and Arlett.

Let Robert Houston Help You RESTORE Your Credit!

“Hello, my name is Robert Houston and I am the founder of Mr. Credit Repair Inc. and (MrCreditRepair.Biz), which is my Credit Education, and Financial Services company. We provide “Same Day” Credit Repair services, with typical results in 21 days.

With nearly a decade of experience working in the credit industry, Houston has personally reviewed
10’s of Thousands of Consumer & Business Credit files, and works with Mortgage Professionals, Realtors, Investment Groups, Consumer, and many other Industries.

Houston’s understanding of credit laws, how they function and the ways in which they are interpreted by credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies is the key to his success.

With a Business Management / Communications Degree from Ohio State, University, and a Masters in Psychology also from Ohio State, University, Robert also has 23 years of professional experience as a
Mortgage Broker and Real estate Investor.

Please do check out the Mr. Credit Repair Facebook Page, or visit us online, and get in touch, especially
if you’re in need of A Real Solution to your Credit or Business Finance Challenges.

“I believe that credibility in the credit industry is a must. Through basic credit education, I’ll share
knowledge of false, misleading and unverifiable claims frequently made by collections agencies, credit
companies and creditors in order to lure consumers to their services.

Lastly, I have watched people of all ages, races and religions be taken advantage of by a big business structure and been powerless to stop it for too long. I want to help consumers truly understand how the credit system works for and against them. By teaching them how to play the game… They can play to win!”


Linda Has One of the Largest Social Media Followings in REI - Find Out How She Did It!


Linda Pliagas publishes Realty411 Magazine, a complimentary print and online digital magazine for real estate investors, (, known in the industry as “the original” realty investor magazine.

Based in Santa Barbara County, Realty411 is distributed nationwide at their own expos and networking events, and via a network of publication distributors, plus VIP investment clubs, brokerages, as well as freely distributed at public locations in high-end areas of California.

In addition, the magazine is viewed on numerous websites and platforms reaching individual investors around the world. Linda began the publication in the summer of 2007. Her goal was to stimulate her career as an agent and spotlight real estate investing and as a way to connect California investors with brokers around the nation. She is an investor and has owned and managed properties in up to five states simultaneously.

A professional journalist and national publisher since the age of 25, Linda understands the importance and influence media and marketing has on the growth of a business, whether it be real estate, media or other industry.

Linda’s multimedia marketing campaigns: in print, online, email, social media, and in person influenced the REI industry in 2007 and influenced many other marketers. She is a frequent speaker at investment clubs and attends numerous expos to meet investors directly, and to network with colleagues.

In 2013 Linda became also became publisher of REI Wealth Monthly, the longest-running monthly publication serving the needs of real estate investors.

Linda loves to connect with her readers and social media followers and is currently the most followed female in the REI industry.

She has numerous public Facebook accounts (with approximately 18,000 friends), nearly 50,000 LinkedIn connections, over 5,000 fans on Twitter, and close to 10,000 IGers (Instagram). In addition, her Pinterest pins reach 13K people monthly and Realty411 manages Facebook investor groups with nearly 75,000 members. Realty411 has never paid for “friends”, and all social media followers are 100% organic.

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