How to Overcome Low Inventory and Get More Listings

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We’ve partnered with Landvoice to provide a FREE TRAINING on April 20th at 11:00 AM. This is a virtual discussion on How to Overcome Low Inventory & Get More Listings Now. Register HERE to get your access code to the live class.

Landvoice is really trying to help agents right now, so they’ve completely waived all regular class fees. That means you can all join for FREE.

About the Class

Learn how to uncover motivated sellers in your local market, while creating a constant stream of fresh buyer leads through technology and automation. Join national trainers, Christoph Malzl and Jonathan Metoyer, as they share ways that work right now to find and approach homeowners who are motivated to sell. They’ll share scripts and tools used by top agents to consistently add 3 to 5 more listings a month like clockwork to crush your listing goals.

Attendees will receive lots of free scripts and downloads.

About Landvoice

Landvoice has been investing in real estate agent success for nearly 30 years. They’ve helped agents thrive through all economic conditions. They make sure you wake up every day to a new list of local sellers, which includes property details, homeowner contact information with mobile numbers and even email addresses. Landvoice adds fuel to your fire so you can list more properties and close more deals.

We hope you’ll join us. To register, please visit:

When:  April 20, 2021 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Where:  Your Home or Office
Cost:  Free
Contact: | 805.693.1497 | Email

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