Real Estate Timing Expert Interviewed by BAWB Director, Michael Morrongiello

ARE YOU READY TO DIVE DEEP FOR 2020? This VITAL podcast is produced to FORECAST REAL ESTATE INVESTING this year, and Beyond.


We are going to touch upon all the important trends in real estate RIGHT NOW, including how the COVID-19 panic is affecting our current national and global economy.


But Robert quickly learned that there was far more to real estate than dirt, concrete, lumber and building materials. Early on, he learned that real estate markets are a lot like roller-coaster rides where spectacular climbs are frequently followed by spectacular falls. Robert graduated from UCLA and started investing in real estate at age 24, by borrowing $14,000 from his parents for the down payment on a 6-unit apartment house in San Diego.


Real Estate Accomplishments: Robert Campbell has had a multifaceted 46-year real estate career that includes:


  1. As a real estate investor, he has bought and sold over 40 rental properties.
  2. As a real estate developer, he has built over 50 homes and apartment units.
  3. As a California real estate broker (licensed in 1976), he handled the sales and mortgage financing for hundreds of clients.
  4. As a real estate advisor, he has been publishing “The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter” since 2002.
  5. As a university lecturer, Robert Campbell spoke at the University of San Diego.


Academic Note: Timing the Real Estate Market was used by Professor Elaine Worzala in her MBA class on real estate investment.


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